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 Preamble to Text

This text is designed as a quick and yet extensive reference for the dx and tx of the majority of problems that may present in a primary care physician’s practice.  It is intended to aid providers in their pursuit of optimal pt care.  This book provides concise, quick information that can be used during a busy clinical day with the goal of efficient work-ups, accurate dx, and effective tx’s that hopefully leads to well-informed, healthy pt’s, healthy families and a satisfied physician.  The information in this guide (the ultimate peripheral brain) has been culled from peer-reviewed articles and manuscripts, key textbooks and review courses published within the last few years.  The goal is for these texts is to have 95% of clinical info you need at your fingertips. If you have any pearls, illustrations or knowledge that you wish to add send it to us.  If it is good, we will add it and send the update back to you as soon as possible and subsequently include it in further updates.   If it is a major contribution, we can prolong your update period.  Medicine based on memory alone is unreliable.  People who want to appear "clever" rely on memory, those who are truly smart know where to look to find the needed information. It has been estimated that 2 million papers are published in 20,000 biomedical journals every year.

Book Disclaimer:

There is no third party influence on the writing of this text. We have zero economic influence from any pharmaceutical, device manufacturer or any other company or organization.  That being said, medicine is a constantly changing science. Much of the information contained herein may be time sensitive. There is an increasingly better understanding of disease processes and newer diagnostic and tx modalities emerging almost every day.  The authors, editors, and publisher of this text have given their best efforts to provide accurate, up-to-date, information that is considered to be within current medical standards. The approaches to medical problems are referenced with supporting studies, and further reading is encouraged.   Human error is always possible and the authors, editors, and publisher of this text do not warrant the information as being absolutely complete, nor are they responsible for omissions or errors in the text or for the results of using this information.  This book should not take the place of your own clinical judgment or the advice of specialists. We have tried with great fervor to limit errors, misinformation, and copyright infringement in the text. All attempts towards current medical practice has been made.  We would greatly appreciate feedback regarding any problems you discover while perusing these pages.  The presenters of this text take no responsibility nor liability for clinical outcomes based on information in this text.  This text must be used at your own risk, it is not intended as a decision tool, nor is it a complete reference.  It is simply a brief guide and memory jogger.  We strongly advise users to obtain a more complete text, particularly with drug information as not all side effects and contra-indications are listed, nor are drug interactions included.   We do not assume and expressly disclaim any obligation to obtain an include any information in this document.  We do not advocate the use of any product described in this document, nor are we responsible for misuse of a product due to typographical or other errors in the document, user negligence or otherwise.   The user agrees to seek additional information on any product from the manufacturer; and it will use this text only as a reference aid, and that such information is not intended to be (nor should it be used as) a substitute for the exercise of professional judgment. In view of the possibility of human error, or changes in medical science, user should confirm the information in the document through independent sources. User agrees and acknowledges that user will, at all times, advise pt’s to seek professional dx and tx for any medical condition, and to discuss information obtained from the document with other healthcare providers.  Any personal distribution or replication of this document is strictly forbidden. This information is an informational resource designed to assist licensed healthcare practitioners in caring for their pt’s and/or to serve consumers viewing this service as a supplement to, and not a substitute for, the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgment of specialist medical practitioners.  Furthermore, over some subjects there are differing opinions, or differing degrees of certainty. We have usually not attempted to discuss these here because the aim has been to provide an immediate and brief guide. In all areas, prior medical knowledge is assumed.

Purpose of Book:

We believe this is the first textbook available that adequately summarizes medical information in a concise and easy to read format. This book is directed at practicing clinicians. It is also useful to residents and medical students doing clinical rotations. It includes differential diagnosis, basic pathophysiology, clinical pearls, physical diagnostic findings as well as evaluations and treatments of a multitude of medical conditions. This book will allow primary care physicians to interface with the specialist, and assist in deciding when referral is necessary.  All texts written by Carl G. Weber MD, board certified in Internal Medicine.  Edited by numerous specialist. If you have any pearls, illustrations or knowledge that you wish to add send it to us. If it is good, we will add it and send the update back to you as soon as possible and subsequently include it in further updates. If it is a significant contribution, we will prolong your update period (possibly indefinitely). Lets make this book our own, we can save trees and the weight of carrying books around. Please include any citations as evidence-based medicine is our ultimate goal.