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  The iSilo "reader" for the Pocket PC takes the exact same file utilized for the Palm OS iSilo reader and allows it to be read on the Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Symbian or the iPhone ( 
You also have the option of utilizing the MobiPocket reader version of these texts for the Pocket PC (they are currently working on an iPhone version). 

iPhone / iPad Users:  You have two choices.  Use the epub version and your reader of choice (many free options) or use the iSilo version (requires the iSilo app for ~$8).

Most of our recurring subscribers prefer the iSilo version.

Safari on your iPhone will not download the iSilo files.  You need to do the download from within iSilo on your iPhone.  Start iSilo and in the document list view, tap the more button in the upper right (the one with the ellipsis "...").  In the List Menu that appears, tap Download.  This gives you the Download view. There, enter the URL for your download.  Click any required links to get to the link for downloading and iSilo should then prompt you for where you want to save the file. 

Here is info on their forum:
Here is info on their help page:

Android (DROID):  If you have the zip file downloaded on your computer, then double-click the zip file from Windows Explorer to open up a window that shows the contents of the zip.  Connect your Droid to your computer using the USB cable so that the Droid's SD card gets mounted as a volume per the instructions.  Then copy the .pdb file from the zip to the /Documents/iSilo directory of the Droid's card.

BlackBerry (BB):  you must copy CMC in storage card of BB.  You can connect the BlackBerry Torch to my desktop computer by a USB connection.  A message appeared on my BlackBerry screen:  Blackberry device is plugged in and I chose USB Drive. Then go to My Computer and choose BlackBerry User Tools (E:) and opened Documents folder that contained iSilo that I had downloaded to my BlackBerry Torch earlier.  Then drag the latest version of Clinical Medicine Consult from my desktop to the iSilo folder. Then disconnect my BlackBerry from my desktop computer, go to iSilo on my BlackBerry, opened it and find Clinical Medicine Consult.


Answers to common questions about which devices/readers can be used and for which versions:

As you already know, it’s not simply just palm or pocket pc anymore.  There are getting to be a lot of different devices out there so here is the updated list of compatible hardware for The Clinical Medicine Consult files.  First off, there are three versions of the text.  One version for the iSilo Reader (.pdb, obtain reader via, adobe (.pdf) and one is the MobiPocket version (.prc, obtain the Mobipocket reader via, free, this version also works with about a dozen other readers).   Neither reader will read a file from the other version (demo or full)(Pocket PC or palm OS) and both are separate purchases.  With the PDF version, there were multiple options for handheld and desktops, this version is included for free with the purchase of the MobiPocket version.

The iSilo, pdf and Mobipocket readers all allow you the read the exact same file on most ANY platform (Palm OS, Pocket PC OS, Windows [notebook or desktops], Windows Mobile Smartphone,Windows CE Handheld PC, Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Psion) or Blackberry. 

iPhone users:

Currently there is only an iSilo version that runs directly on iPhones.  As of August 2010, we have for sale a non-DRM version in .prc fromat.  If you do not wish to use the iSilo version, you can take this file and covert it to ePub (via Calibre or Stanza) and load it on your iPhone and iPad.  The Apple iBooks for iPad app uses ePub as it's main format. It is fairly straightforward to move user-generated files onto the iPad with iBooks. iBooks cannot read mobi files though.  Both Calibre and Stanza can generally convert non-DRM mobi (.prc) files into ePub files readable in the iBooks for iPad app, however the text is too large for them to convert (no ePub option at this time).  Another iPad app, called "Bookshelf", will read mobi .prc files on the iPad.

iPhone and iPad readers work that can use .pdf eBook formats

    * Annotater: is available from the Apple store. It reads PDF documents and allows annotation.

    * Good Reader: from Goodiware focuses on reading PDF documents and TXT.

Kindle (Amazon):

The Kindle for Mac and Kindle for PC applications do let you add user files, and the Clinical Medicine Consult (mobi/.prc) with no problem.  Kindle 2 handles the mobi/.prc with no problem at all as well.

Android (Droid):

You can use the Aldiko and FBReader for the mobi/.prc versions or use the iSilo reader for the .pdb version.

Nook eBook Reader:

  Free. Formats supported: ePub, mobi/.prc.

Borders eBook Reader:

Free. Formats supported: ePub, mobi/.prc. Online catalogs via Borders/Waldenbooks

Aldiko Book Reader:

Free with $2.99 "premium" edition available. Formats supported:

ePub. Online catalogs via feedbooks, O'Reilly, All Romance, Smashwords


Free. Formats supported: ePub, oeb, fb2(.zip), mobi/.prc.

iSilo versions (.pdb):

In addtion to the listed devices above, it also runs on the Android platform (supporting the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream), and S60 5th Edition platform (supporting the Nokia XpressMusic 5800).

MobiPocket Reader (.prc):

You can also use free "MobiPocket for Windows" to read the text on one’s desktop or palm / PPC or read the same file on any PDA you own.  An added benefit of this version is that one can copy small snippets of the text, which is not allowed in the iSilo desktop reader version.  This is very useful for those giving presentation or perhaps using an electronic medical record. Sorry, at this time there are no FREE updates with this version of the text as 95% of current users thus far use iSilo.


Other eBook readers that support mobi (.prc) files:

The Cybook from Booken. The iRex Digital Reader from Technologies. The iLiad from iRex Technologies. The Hanlin from Jinke. The BeBook from Endless Ideas.

PDF (.pdf, adobe) Version:

This version is included with the purchase of the Mobipocket reader version. It is generally able to be read on any pc (window or mac) and most any portable reader as well.


PDF files are supported on the following e-book readers:

Mobipocket, iRex iLiad, iRex DR1000, Sony Reader, Bookeen Cybook, Foxit eSlick, Amazon Kindle (1, 2, International & DX), Barnes & Noble Nook, the iPad, PocketBook Reader and the Kobo eReader.


Hyperlinks.  Image support.  Table support. Open standard. Embedded annotation support. Book- marking.


No Word wrap support.

iPhone and iPad eaders work that can use .pdf eBook format:

    * Annotater: is available from the Apple store. It reads PDF documents and allows annotation.

    * Good Reader: from Goodiware focuses on reading PDF documents and TXT.


    * Libris: eBook reader that can download books from several on-line sources. Can read non-DRM Mobipocket

    * iReader - ebook reader which supports mobipocket format.


    * MobiPocket Reader: There is a specific version for the BlackBerry.

    * eFile software: This is a free part of eOffice that reads PDFs, DOCs and TXTs

    * iSilo: now supports BlackBerry.

Sony Reader:

File Types Supported: PDF, TXT, RTF, LRF, LRX, ePUB, MP3, AAC, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, DOC

Jinke Reader:


Astak 5" EZ Reader Pocket PRO: