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Healthy Living for the 21st Century

Greeting and Salutations | Page Title

The fact that you have found this site means that you are taking great interest in your health and well being.  I congratulate you.  
You are ready to download the latest version of Healty Living in the 21st Century.

click here to download the healthy living file

Most have downloaded the file without any difficulty. Sometimes the .zip get lost from the file during the download, just bring your cursor onto the file (select it), then add the ".zip" to the end, THEN unzip it.  Sometimes in the download the file extension gets lost during the unzipping:  A message about "not having an application compatible with the file".  It is usually because the ".prc" extension was somehow lost from the file. The PDA Install Tool uses the file's extension to determine what type of file it is. The assumption is that files with a .prc extension are in the PDA data base format and thus will be installed to the /PDA/Launcher directory. In summary, try renaming the file so that it has a .prc extension and then try to install it again.

How do I install Mobipocket Reader:
Download the Reader as a ZIP package from this page.
 Whatever your mobile device, there is a Mobi Reader for it : PalmOs, Windows Mobile, Symbian (Series 60, Series 80, 90, UIQ) and even Blackberry. And if you have a Symbian smartphone, there is a good chance that Mobipocket Reader is already preinstalled!
Unzip and send all .prc files to your with the Hotsync Install Tool. (double-click on each .prc file or drag and drop to the Desktop Install Tool box)
After having downloaded eBook, when I double click on it, I get the error message : Unknown file type.
The Mobipocket eBook file format was not registered correctly on your PC.
To solve this issue, please download and install the Mobipocket Reader for PC on your desktop