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This offer is only valid to those who have purchased the Clinical Medicine Consult in the iSilo version in the past 2 years and are EXTENDING their FREE update period.    


*** First-time purchasers can acquire this text with a 1 years update period for $58 (see bottom of page) or $64 from any palm or pocket PC PDA site.  The same text works for BOTH PDA formats.


You can choose between two ($79) and three ($89) years worth of updates


There are no shipping, handling or taxes added except for Washington State residents!  (there are NO additional European "VAT" taxes added with this PayPal account for those in European counties)



Two years of updates for $79.95:

Click below to add 2-years of updates to your cart.


Click here to go to: Paypal 2- year subscription .


3 years of updates for $89.95:

Click below to add 3-years of updates to your cart.


You will receive and email confirmation from us after your re-purchase.  Thank you.